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Just Juliette. No Romeo Required. 

Hi. My name isn’t Juliette. But sometimes I feel like my romantic life is a Shakespearean tragedy, committing proverbial suicide pacts with 100 wrong Romeos. They go off script and walk into the wings, out of character, while I swallow the poison every single time.

Well I’m tired of killing myself. Go fuck yourself, Romeo. From now on, I fake death for no man. I love my friends. I love my city. And I love my adventures. I’m just Juliette. And these are my stories.


EAC’s having a night at the museum with One Step Beyond- The Museum of Natural History’s monthly dance party!

No better way to get excited to see their GIANT blue whale than this song (plus this video supports a good cause)!

Whale. By Yellow Ostrich.

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Messeca’s Gavin on the Subway. (Taken with instagram)


Well said, Sign.

The Smell of San Antonio. By Holly Henley.

I have a confession to make…

Ted Aces was not the reason that RTAP Talent Agency did not win over the business of one of the most beautiful up and coming actresses in Hollywood. I can’t let him take responsibility. Because Ted was not to blame.

I was.

Me, a mug, and a little blue kitchen sponge.                                                                       

You may know the actress Daniela Chirimqui from her role as the beautiful on-again-off-again girlfriend of side kick character “J” on the popular, and now cancelled HBO show about Hollywood that I will not name. She played Summer. And if you met her, you might slip and call her Summer. Which is exactly what Ted Aces, RTAP Talent Agency president, did the first time he met her.  

The story goes, as told by the two receptionists watching this go down from the front desk, that Ted walked into the RTAP lobby alone that morning to wait for Daniela. Meanwhile, the receptionists eagerly anticipated her arrival, but kept calling her by her character’s name. “Summer will be here any minute!” one receptionist said to the other, all within Ted’s ear shot. So Ted overheard this. Daniela walked in. Ted assumed her name was actually Summer, and stuck out his clumsy dope of a hand for a shake saying “Welcome to our agency, Summer!”

The receptionists said her manager corrected him, and he apologized profusely, but when she didn’t sign with our agency after the meeting, everyone thought this was why. Everyone assumed it was Ted’s fault.

But it wasn’t.

Here is what really happened:

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Gooooooooooo Tuesday!

Gooooooooooo Tuesday!

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